Wood is a material that miyadaiku encounter every day.
As the trees grow in the forest for many years, no two trees are ever alike.
Today, however, people prefer straight wood that is free of knots and easy to handle, cut into standardized pieces of the same length and width.
Curves, knots, thickness… We believe that these features give the wood character.
At Okage-sama, we manufacture original products that enhance the uniqueness of the wood.


Until about 500 years ago, lumber was primarily created via a technique called “kiwari lumber” (split lumber), in which a wedge was driven through the end of a log.
Today, with the widespread use of sawmills, it has become common to produce flat lumber, and the traditional ancestral techniques have been forgotten.
The surface of the “kiwari lumber” is twisted and uneven, and the wood fibers overlap in many layers, creating a complex flat surface, allowing the wood to evoke “the story of the soil” and “the memory of the forest” that the trees contain.
At Okage-sama, we manufacture wooden doors that take advantage of these complex surfaces created by this technique.


  • Cho-na, an original Japanese carpenter’s tool, is used to finish the door surface to retain the uniqueness created by the kiwari technique.
  • We can assist with various design requests, such as sliding doors, open doors, doors with slit glass, etc.
  • We can also assist with various size requests.

[ Inquiries/Sample Order ]

Oak is the main material used at Okage-sama, but please feel free to ask us if you would like to use other types of wood. We can also send you samples of our flooring materials. Please let us know the desired dimensions of your project and your address, so that we can provide a personalized quote, including the shipping fees and delivery date.