Okage-sama Inc. strictly complies with laws and other regulations regarding the protection of personal information and strives to protect the personal information of its customers.

1. Acquisition of personal information
We will only use personal information to the extent necessary to carry out business, such as when making inquiries to our company, purchasing our products, or applying for design management or construction work.

2. Definition of personal information
The personal information we collect may include:
Customer’s name, e-mail address, address, and telephone number.

3. Use of personal information
Personal information will be used only to the extent necessary for the execution of business, such as answering inquiries, sending materials, and shipping products.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
Personal information will not be disclosed or provided to any third party, except in the following cases:
・When there is direct consent from the person.
・When there is a request for information from a judicial, administrative, or similar organization, in accordance with legal provisions and regulations.

5. For inquiries regarding the use of personal information, please contact:
Okage-sama Inc.
Representative: Masashige Sugawara
Address: 16-1, South 8-chome, East 3-jo, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Tel: +81 155-67-5861